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Celu Selah is committed to cultivating

a more embodied and loving world

by fostering emotional and spiritual


This image is an artistic expression of insight, compassion and wholeness.

Founded by Jana Holland, Celu Selah is for those in a season of awakening, waiting, transition, disappointment, disillusionment, or grief, and longing for a healthy space to explore, heal, connect, grow, and reinvigorate a sense of purpose. Through personalized sessions, leadership coaching, soul care, and a holistic toolkit including spiritual direction, somatic practices, and retreats, we empower personal growth, resilience, and sustainable well-being for all.

When we cultivate well-being, we have more clarity regarding everyday choices, and our actions become more consistent with our beliefs and values. We feel more connected and embodied when we are emotionally and spiritually well. And we bring our wellness to the world around us, making way for collective wholeness. ​


Celu (see-lou) is derived from the Latin caelum, meaning Heaven or wholeness.

Selah (say-lah) is a Hebrew word most found in the Psalms. It is most often understood as "pause and listen."

Vicki, Girl Guides VIC

Jana was the perfect keynote speaker for our leadership conference. Her presentation was engaging and inspiring and helped set a calm and focused tone for the rest of the conference.  

Mary, Seven Sisters Featival

Jana offered an incredible workshop at the festival, called Somatic and Spiritual Wellbeing. She did a fantastic job, and so many women were touched, moved, inspired, awakened, healed and motivated by her wisdom. 

Pamela, ANSD

Jana is a wise and gentle facilitator. Her knowledge of somatic and spiritual well-being and practical applications encouraged us in our own formation and expanded the ways we can bless our directees. 

Allison, The Third Space

Jana is a uniquely gifted mentor and soul guide. Her vast and varied life experiences, her training, her thirst for learning, her creativity, her spiritual wholeness all make Jana a deeply wise Soul Care practitioner.  

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