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Emerge Movement Meditation Video


25-minute video A gentle “free flow” movement meditation offers participants an opportunity to contemplate what it means to emerge from our individual and collective isolation, engaging somatic (body) awareness, releasing stagnant energy and setting new intentions for ourselves and the world around us. Soundtrack Music Credit (all rights reserved) Script written and narrated by Jana Holland Clearing the Space by Annie Jameson Inhale by Salt Of The Sound - (feat. Antarctic Wastelands) Drift by Garth Stevenson Call To Prayer by Estes Tonne - (feat. Zola Dubnikova) The Voyage (Reprise) by Hymns For The Architect Mars by Beauvois Hang On by Petit Biscuit Bloom by Tony Anderson Emerge By East Forest Lillians Day Dream by The Hollands!


‏3.33 $


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